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Offset Printing

These days most graphic products are printed using an indirect printing technique. The print is transferred from a printing form (plate) onto a rubber blanket, and then onto the printing surface through a printing roller (cylinder). The prints are usually made on paper, semi-cardboard and cardboard.

Digital Printing

A modern printing technology in which the given motif is transferred onto paper through a xeno photographic process by using a laser. It enables small and medium circulation printing which does not entail film or plate developing required in the case of offset printing. The advantages of digital printing include: competitive prices in the case of small circulation printing, quickness of delivery of the final product, and possibility of personalizing, i.e. individualizing the printed products. The Grafing printing company has been offering digital printing services since the middle of 2011 using the currently most versatile digital printing machine, Meteor DP8700 XL, which offers the users the possibility to print on a wide range on materials, such as paper, plastic, envelopes, etc.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a permeable printing technique offering the possibility of printing on various materials. The print is made by pressing the colors through a printing plate made from silk tightened over a wooden or aluminum frame. The silk may be of various liniature, depending on the material you are printing on and the paint used in printing. Grafing offers single-color or multi-color silk-screen prints on paper, textile and other materials, as required.

Tampon (Pad) Printing

Tampon or pad printing is closely related to deep printing. In the tampon printing process, the image is created on an etched flat printing plate (cliché). The paint is transferred from the printing plate onto an elastic pad made from silicon rubber (tampon) and then onto the surface of the object that we wish to print on by pressing the tampon. The distinguishing quality of tampon printing is the possibility of printing on very uneven surfaces. The elastic tampon that transfers the paint adheres well to surprisingly asymmetric and uneven surfaces. It is used for printing on pens, lighters, glasses, and similar products.

Seal Making

We started our business by offering screen printing and seal making services. This is why you can today as well entrust Grafing with the making of your seal (although seal making is no longer our main activity).

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