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Grafing, Ecology and ISO Certificates


The fact that we use contemporary production technologies, whose harmful effects on the environment are negligible in comparison to the effects of the conventional process of preparing printing forms and printing, shows how environmentally aware we are. We can therefore boast of our contribution to the preservation of environment.


These are the reasons for investing in one of the most advanced CTP devices, Kodak Magnus 400. It is important to point out that the plates made using a CTP device do not require further chemical processing in a developing machine. The plates are developed in the machine without the use of additional chemicals.


Through continuous improvement of the technologies, processes and products we not only manage to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers, but also to prevent pollution and reduce the harmful effects on the environment to the lowest possible level, thus respecting the statutory and other applicable requirements.

We give great importance to ecological production and waste material disposal. All chemical and paper waste created in the process of making our products is disposed of in an ecologically sound manner with the help of our partners.


ISO 9001 and 14001 Certificates


Because of our desire to ensure that our customers get quality products (which is guaranteed on the basis of quality certificates) made respecting the highest environmental protection and forest care standards, we have decided to implement the following certificates into our production process:


ISO 9001 is an international standard that describes quality management systems. Our ISO 9001 Certificate proves that our quality management system complies with the requirements specified by the standard and that it has been adjusted to the regulations. This certificate shows the customers that the company has implemented internal processes necessary in order to fulfill the requirements specified by the standard.


ISO 14001 is an international standard specifying the requirements related to the planning, establishment, implementation and supervision of environmental management systems. It also provides the necessary guidelines for the implementation of the same. By implementing the ISO 14001 requirements, the harmful effects on the environment and the risk of ecological incidents are reduced, while the ability to intervene quickly and efficiently is increased and the reputation and client confidence boosted.




FSC is a standard based on the principles and criteria ensuring equal care of the economic, social and ecological components of forest management.

Our FSC Certificate proves that the wood, as the basic raw material in the production of our products, is supplied from ecologically sustainable forest management sources in compliance with the requirements, which means that our products are made in the prescribed manner. The main idea behind certification is that the customers will prefer to buy products originating from forests managed in the prescribed manner rather than products whose origin is unaccounted for.


Grafing has chosen the FSC CoC Standard and thus assumed the obligation of performing the production process activities in accordance with international standards the main goal of which is to ensure environmentally responsible, socially useful and economically sustainable production.


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