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Grafing, a printing company that we have been doing business with for several years now, is an exceptionally reliable business partner. In all segments of its activity, the company offers high quality services. As a company, we use all Grafing’s comparative advantages, including primarily the possibility of cooperating with the company throughout the entire process, from the concept to the final product. Grafing's creative team follows the modern design trends and offers us optimal solutions not only in terms of visual appearance but also in terms of price.

  Asja Prpić, BSc in Soc., Corporate Communications Manager, Medika d.d.

The Grafing printing company is one of the rare companies that have managed to satisfy our high standards concerning print quality, innovativeness, quickness of delivery and flexibility from day one, and it offers its services at favorable market prices. What really distinguishes Grafing from others however are the exceptional professionalism and reliability of all members of the company's team.

  Nataša Šimić, Group Product Manager, L'Oreal Paris

We at Digitel choose external associates very carefully, trying to find people and companies that think like us. The ones that don't give up after encountering the first obstacle, that recognize and create good ideas and are capable of bringing the same to life. Grafing is a partner that has cooperated with us on almost all our projects, a partner with whose help we are constantly moving the boundaries of creativity. The company confirms its professionalism every day by offering services at an enviable level based in its flexible approach, creativity, continuous technological innovations and, above all, timely delivery.

  Zrinka Glažar, Account Manager, Digitel

As a manager and owner of a graphic design studio, I consider the choice of a printing company exceptionally important in order to ensure that our product looks as we have originally conceptualized it and that the quality of our work is presented. This is why we need a printing company that will understand our requirements, be flexible enough and ready to embrace unusual creative solutions, and be able to follow (at times) a very quick pace of production. For these reasons we have chosen the Grafing printing company and have been doing business with it for 8 years now.

  Maja Preglej, Bee Graphic Design Bureau

We have been doing business with the Grafing printing company since 2001. During our long time and successful cooperation, the kindness of staff and the high level of professionalism have always been the distinguishing qualities of the entire team. Each time we requested advice or adherence to very tight deadlines, the team was exceptionally friendly and constructive. A good customer relationship, adherence to deadlines and high quality final products are Grafing’s distinguishing qualities.

  Tanja Jurić Klarić, Corporate Communications Manager, IN2 Group

The qualities of a good business partner are the quality of service, reliability in all business segments, flexibility and pro-activity. These are exactly the qualities that characterize Grafing, a company that Salveo d.o.o. has been doing business with since it started operating. Exceptionally quick responses to every inquiry and timely delivery in these days when we are all rushing around are the values which are increasingly appreciated and make a difference! Therefore, Grafing is our choice!

  Jasna Perica Krpina, MB in Pharm., Marketing Manager, Salveo d.o.o.

In all segments of the services that it provides us with, the Grafing printing company has always delivered final materials at an enviable professional level. In addition to the afore-said, Grafing’s qualities have repeatedly proven how cooperation with their team always results in timely delivery of ordered materials and especially good business communication in the process of fulfilling business assignments. We would use the following characteristics to describe Grafing and its employees in brief: knowledge, quickness, accuracy and print quality.

  Senad Mehdin, Managing Director, TBWA/ZAGREB Team

The Grafing printing company is one of the suppliers that TDR has been doing business with for a number of years already. The cooperation has continued over the past several years as well. By being reliable and professional, Grafing offers creativity and innovation as answers to your needs. With its professional approach, friendliness and recognizable lucidity, the company ensures efficient operation, good quality products and timely deliveries, thus contributing greatly to being highly rated as a supplier which is exceptionally important in the supply business.           

  Ingrid Laković, Indirect Supply Manager, TDR d.o.o.

In this way, I would like to commend the employees of the Grafing printing company on the prompt execution of all our requests as well as their friendliness and professionalism. I would also like to emphasize the quality of their products, timely delivery and quickness in responding to inquiries, which is very important in today's dynamic business environment. The delivered final products reflect the professional knowledge of the employees who are always ready to help by offering advice and creative solutions. The mentioned combination is the reason why we have placed our confidence in Grafing.


It is always a pleasure to talk about good business relations, like the ones that Bruketa & Žinić OM has been fostering with Grafing for years now. Grafing's team has shown a desire and willingness to exceed expectations and set new standards, along with its good will, high quality of service and, of course, timely delivery. Thanks to the company’s philosophy concerning the approach to doing business, we are able to say with satisfaction and without hesitation that Grafing today represents an indispensable partner of the agency.

  Miran Tomičić, Creative Director, Bruketa & Žinić OM

Grafing is a printing company that we have been doing business with for several years now. It belongs to the category of exceptionally reliable business partners. In all segments of its activity, the company offers quality services. As a company, we use their production and distribution services. The company’s employees are quick, accurate, they respect the agreed terms and the print quality is excellent. Finally, we would like to highlight the flexibility and pleasantness of the team that captures with knowledge and optimism.

  Domagoj Lakoš, Director, Innovo

By doing business with Grafing for a number of years now, we have gained an exceptionally professional business partner. Running a successful business in a very demanding environment requires effective and efficient solutions, which can be realized only in cooperation with good business partners, and Grafing is surely one of them. The company’s kind employees, flexible and prompt, have always been of assistance and the projects that we have cooperated on have been executed with exceptional quality and quickness.

  Marko Štetić, Junior Brand Manager, Reckit Benckiser

We would highlight timely delivery, friendliness, organization and quick personal reaction by the owner and director in situations where the client has an emergency request, which is not rare these days, as great advantages of the Grafing printing company. We are especially satisfied with the individual approach to each idea and the great amount of attention dedicated to specific needs of each client. The price and quality ratio is at a high level and was one of the main reasons why we have chosen Grafing as our business partner.

  Boris Šavorič, Attorney at Law, Managing Partner

SCA d.o.o. has been doing business with the Grafing printing company for full three years now, and the company deserves all commendation! Exceptional quality service, deliveries within the agreed deadlines and a professional and kind team make our cooperation a true pleasure. The company’s team puts client satisfaction first and is always there to make wishes come true and provide excellent service by offering advice and suggestions.    


We have been doing business with the Grafing printing company for a long time now and are exceptionally glad to recommend it as a business partner in the segment of printing services. We are very satisfied with all its services but would like to highlight its well prepared offers, short delivery deadlines, print quality and, above all, kind and friendly staff. We wish the company lots of success in its future endeavors and are looking forward to our cooperation in the future.

  Srećko Bovan, Management Department Director, VIP

The Grafing printing company is our new business partner. Our cooperation started a little less than a year ago. The experience that we have had so far deserves nothing but words of praise. A team of young professionals is always at our service, ready to meet all our requests and, as it often happens, very tight delivery deadlines. In addition to being satisfied first and foremost with such good and friendly associates, we are also satisfied with the print quality, good prices, quick and accurate delivery, etc. We are one of the company's satisfied clients.

  Davor Mastrović, Makol marketing d.o.o.


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